Site identification. Land acquisition. Project planning. Project design. Construction work. Marketing. Sales. You don’t need a lot of people to do all that. You just need a few goods ones.

RGD Property Group is a tight-knit team with broad ranging expertise in all of the key aspects of the process of taking a green site and turning it into a built asset for an investor.

The core management and construction group have worked together on successful projects including St Kitts, Caribbean, Azure and the Lake Kawana Private Hospital. Importantly, trades and other contractors have been with us on many of these jobs. This has lead to better efficiencies at every stage from planning and design through to construction, marketing and sales. We consistently produce a superior product at a lower price. Two major projects were commenced in 2009, The Edge commercial centre, which was completed later that year, and the nearby Ocean Reach residential apartment project which was completed in mid-2010.

With all of our projects, a long-standing, quality-driven team is handpicked to enable RGD Property Group to deliver on time and on budget.
The words ‘pride’, ‘professionalism’, ‘integrity’ and ‘innovation’ pretty much sum up what we are all about. It’s a successful formula that has seen the RGD Property Group become a key player in a number of multi-award winning projects on the Sunshine Coast.