RGD Property Group

By concentrating almost exclusively on waterfront land developments, the RGD Property Group has created one of the most successful and dynamic development portfolios in Queensland.

RGD Property Group is committed to retaining the values that define them as a boutique developer. Maintaining a flexible, hands-on approach has enabled RGD to remain responsive to changing trends and market conditions. RGD’s highly experienced and quality driven team is dedicated to delivering cutting edge, premium quality housing and medium density apartments at a price which other developers have difficulty matching. RGD’s team ensures the integrity of every project at every phase of development delivering remarkable results.

By nurturing strong ties with suppliers who share similar values, RGD has created a streamlined development process that adds value to each project. In many cases, this means incorporating superior design features and extensive landscaping which enhances the long term value of every development.

We Use:
Roof Masters
The Pest Control Company
Adrians Electrics
Sneddon Plumbing